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of the same theme. so what i'm pointing out is you must understand that the obama campaign's 2008 and 2012, working changers. the republican party, mitt romney, i spent three weeks of traveling with mitt romney's campaign, flying on the romney campaign airplane, the last day of the campaign, mitt romney came to the back of the press section he said he had not even written a concession speech. he was that confident is going to win. on the airplane i asked one of the chief strategist of the romney campaign, if he was equally confident, and he was. i said, well, why? the whole idea, he said a good message, a good campaign message will be the ground again any time. and i said, i'm not so sure that. that's thinking, that's karl rove thinking or before 1950s, 1950. campaign about the message. what the democrats managed to do is, and it should not be underestimated, i'm a professional political scientist or i have a ph.d in political science from harvard 1972. i've studied voting behavior and presidential elections for decades. but democrats were a game changer. they are highly effective computer
's get to work. >> one of the missions i had when i came to msnbc was that president obama had just been elected. i wanted to do health care. >> here in america, in the wealthiest nation on earth, no illness or accident should lead to any family's financial ruin. >> you need to pay attention to what's happening in your backyard. >> defund obama care. >> defund obama care sue repeal obama care. ♪ ♪ i want it now, i want it all >> i wanted to do health care because i knew it could change the country and i knew it could help people. >> we see this coming. just like the tie tannic. >> on the ship we're going to die. >> are you saying that society should let him die? >> no. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. all right? there are 47% who are with him who are -- who believe that they are victims. >> that's who the republicans are. we shouldn't be talking about infrastructure investment, investment in education, investment in workers and going round two on health care. >> i want to repeal the law of the land. is that clear. >> we will not back down
, august 26th. and syria is officially on notice. ♪ >> major foreign policy. >> the obama administration is stepping up plans for military action. >> it has little doubt the syrian army used chemical gas on its own people. >> this is clearly a big event of grave concern. >> it's less a question of if than when. >> president obama has asked the defense department to prepare options. >> nobody wants boots on the ground. >> that doesn't mean he sits back and says we can't do anything. >> lawmakers on capitol hill increasingly urging the obama administration to take action. >> we have to move and have to move quickly. >> can't can be unilateral american approach. >> i do think action is going to occur. >> will it be big enough or a symbolic attack? >> i think we can change things immediately just because we're america. that's not necessarily the case. >> president pulled troops out of iraq and trying to get them out of afghanistan. does he or this country have an appetite to get involved? that's the red line that the president does not want to cross. ♪ purple haze ♪ >> the dilemma gross
dobbs,. >>> good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. barack obama as senator and candidate often mocked the foreign policy of president george w. bush. but as president himself, obama cannot escape his mounting foreign policy folies and he and his administration and the american people are now bearing the embarrassing consequences.% . former egyptian president hosni mubarak, president obama helped force him from power more than two years ago, today was ordered to be released from prison by an egyptian court. to be released within 48 hours. mubarak's release is another slap in the face for mr. obama. it follows the ouster of the muslim brotherhood from power and mr. obama's president of choice, mohamed morsi. the violent and deadly clashes between the military-run government and muslim brotherhood and, in fact, -- have backed protest to the wall and they are responding. continuing with violence and all likelihood this friday when morsi supporters reportedly will conduct what they call a day of martyrs. and no relief for president obama in syria either. assad op
of first ladies, from edith roosevelt to michelle obama is live on monday night. we take your calls and facebook comments. willnday night, we conclude the encore presentation of season one will stop -- season one. span, we bring a public affair of events from washington to you. white house readings and conferences. gaveling complete gavel-to- coverage of the house. c-span, created by the cable tv industry 34 years ago and funded by your local cable or satellite provider. now, you can watch us in hd. >> a look at the unfolding situation in syria and how humanitarian efforts are being carried out. million refugees have left for neighboring countries. from washington journal, this is 20 minutes. host: joining us next is dr. ron waldman, president of doctors of the world usa, joining us to talk about the group's activities among the world with refugees, in particular the syrian refugee camp from which he has recently returned. thank you for being with us. this is a photo in this week's "new york" magazine with an article and a photograph of a camp. it is open two weeks. it is now home t
't have health care. it is not only the gop that doesn't like obama care. >> it is a huge train wreck. >> the a ca is the most complex pose of legislation passed by the united states congress. >> democrats and irs and youns and major issues with obama care. the president said no one has a better plan. >> some say we don't have solutions. i say we do. tonight, the cost and cure. huckabee special. the governor's solutions to obama care. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. thank you. thank you very much. we have a great audience here. and let me say welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. all right. train wreck, hopelessly complex, will destroy the 40 hour work week and devastate working people. and those are comments made about obama care. those are made by the people who supported it. president obama rejected republican input on the bill and complained every since that the republicans are not in favor of it. i wonder if he looked around to see how many democrats are all jacked up about it. last week, i asked austin goolsby if he could think of a single
defense secretary chuck hagel says the u.s. military is in fact ready to act on president obama's orders. security officials from 10 countries are meeting in jordan to discuss the best course in action in dealing with the crisis in syria. we go to mike in washington. what can you tell us about the obama administration's reaction to the crisis? >> the rhetoric has toughened in the five days since the chemical attacks in the suburb of damascus, as is a flurry of activity here at the white house and on the telephone. president obama saturday attending a national security council meeting here in the white house that lasted three hours, it was the second one into three days since the five days since the chemical attack. he's been on the phone, has president obama. he's spoken with the u.k. prime minister david cameron, yesterday with the french leader. about 27 calls including to john kerry's russian counter part in the face of strong opposition from the russians to military action, the secretary of state even spoke with his syrian counter part over the weekend. the white house with a very to
and soon. according to the "new york times" on sunday a senior obama administration official said there was, quote, very little doubt that president bashar al assad military's forces had used chemical weapons against civilians last week and that a syrian promised to allow u.n. inspectors to access the site would be too late to be credible. over the weekend president obama met with his top military and national security advisors who presenced him with a detailed set of military options including a possible cruise missile attack. the president also spoke with british prime minister david cameron and french president francois hollande to discuss possible responses by the international community. at home members of congress on both sides of the aisle were calling for military action. >> i do think action is going to occur. certainly a red line for us has been the use of chemicals against people. that has occurred. we need to obviously respond to that, but i don't want us to change our overall policy. >> i think we connect. i think we should act. i think we should act for humanitarian purposes a
forward to three dozen states that the best way to keep future obamas out of the white house is to keep african-americans and young people who don't think that much about race out of the voting booth. a couple more things. got to kill any evidence we ever had an african-american president. got to get that obama care off the books. ted cruz will shut down the u.s. government to get that job done. finally, why not? let's impeach the guy. let's run him out of town on a rail. let's tar and feather him. let's really mess up that record by putting the word into the history books, there was talk of impeachment on his watch, even if they can't find a reason for it, unless it's one big fat reason everyone sees. it's the number on his back, 44. how do way get into the books that this guy really wasn't president? if we can't convince people he came from africa, can't kill the african-american vote that elected him, can't kill his historic accomplishment in health care, let's bring him up on charges. let's string him up, boys, so nobody will ever say he was president, much less a pretty good presid
killers. later, donald trump gets hit with a $40 million lawsuit. and he thinks president obama is behind it. those stories and more ahead on the five. license and registration please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it. digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app. >>> welcome back to the five, last week we told you about the shocking murder of a world war ii vet in washington state. overnight, police in spokane, arrested a second 16-year-old wanted for the beating death of 88-year-old albert belten. the other suspect surrendered to authorities on thursday. here's the police chief earlier today. >> today i would like to asure our community that the two individuals we believe were responsible for the robbery and murder of mr. belten had been taken into custody. i would like to make it very clear, the motive for this attack was robbery. race was not a factor. additionally, there was no gang activ
. >> okay. kids, that's it. >>> president obama weighs what could be the most important and difficult decision of his presidency, whether to syria in response to a chemical weapons attack on the ground. this is special report. >>> good evening. i'm bret baier. the russians are warning us off. syria is promising chaos if we do it, but president obama tonight is said to be considering a military response to the latest chemical weapons attacks in syria. we have fox team coverage tonight. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. but we begin with chief white house correspondent, ed henry on the politics of the syria crisis both here and overseas and where we are right now. good evening, ed. >> reporter: good evening. they believe that not only that chemical weapons were used but that they can pin it on the sire yan -- syrian government. secretary john kerry flatly declared president obama believes there must be accountability for the use of what he called the world's most heinous weapons. >> what we saw in syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. it defies any code of moralit
of injuries and on eyewitness reports. these kinds of discussions are emerging as barack obama, the american president, talks about things with his security advisers and terms of an american response is, indeed, there has been the use of chemical weaponry. president obama has repeatedly said if a side uses chemical weapons, that would be a egregious, and then foreign and american intervention would be justified. now, this comes as the united states uses its naval forces to move closer, and we are hearing from the united states that it would be prepared to strike if, indeed, called upon to do so. this comes as serious and state television said soldiers entered a number of tunnels that had been used by rebel fighters, and there, they found evidence of chemical waste. there were empty shells that had marks on them made in saudi arabia, saudi arabia being a critic of the president, bashar al-assad, and there seem to be a lot of reports and evidence that the rebels, in fact, are responsible for carrying out these chemical attacks. all of the footage and all of the reports circulating online are,
, clinton, bush again. why when we get to obama do we need some special id? >> the justice department is already suing texas to stop its new voter id law and reports say that north carolina's extreme voting restrictions will likely be next in line for attorney general eric holder, who also spoke on saturday. >> we must remember generations who carry themselves on a day-to-day basis with great dignity in the face of unspeakable injustice. but for them, i would not be attorney general of the united states and barack obama would not be president of the united states of america. this struggle must and will go on in the cause of our nation's quest for justice. until every eligible american has the chance to exercise his or her right to vote, unencumbered by discriminatory or unneeded procedures, rules, or practices. >> the thousands who came out this weekend are ready to continue that quest for justice. >> we're on our way to north carolina. we're on our way to texas. we're on our way to florida. and when they ask us for our voter id, take out a photo of medgar evers, take out a photo of g
. >> but it is not just the gop that doesn't like obama care. >> i just see a huge train wreck coming down. >> i'm of the belief the aca is probably the most complex piece of legislation ever passed by the united states congress. >> democrats, the irs, and even unions have major issues with obama care. the president says no one has a better plan. >> what are the solutions to obama care. some say we don't have them. i say we do. >> tonight, the cost, the cure. a "huckabee" special. the governor solutions to obama care. ladies and gentlemen, mike huckabee. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, thank you very much. we've got a great audience here. and let me say welcome to "huckabee" from the fox news studios in new york city. all right. train wreck, hopelessly complex, will destroy the 40 hour work week, devastate american working people. those are some comments about obama care. those were the ones made by people that supported it. president obama rejected republican input on the bill, then he's complained ever since that the republicans aren't in favor of it. i wonder if he looked around to see
ahead. president obama has also been in close touch with teeders ---door key leader us of our allies. make no mistake, president obama believes there mississippi be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. nothing today is more serious and nothing is receiving more serious scrutiny. thank you. >> i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. just heard secretary of said john kerry giving his first accounts of the crisis in syria. the secretary delivers litany of what they believe is the proof that chemical weapons were used in syria. as important as what he laid out is what when he did not lay out, is a time line of dealing with syria, going after the regimes. what the did lay out there have to be consequences for any action, any chemical weapon used and said the president at some point in time will decide what to do but made it very, very clear the secretary of state believes there will be some type of action used against sirra, but keep in mind, we have u.n. inspectors on the ground, and seemed to indicate that
the time. lou: confident in her assessment that syria had already crossed that red line. the obama administration and responded. until a few moments later when she offered up this blatant contradiction. >> we still believe that they don't have the capability to use chemical weapons. that is not changed. again, looking into the facts on the ground. there's no reason if there is nothing to hide for the regime not to let the investigative team and. lou: what is going on? the statements tested department is not seem to know either way. president obama announced after that he has directed intelligence agencies to find out what happened. again, joining us now, fox news military analyst. let's turn first if we make to this confusing series of remarks by the state department in which they have one moment have a knowledge that they believe there is chemical weapons available to the president, he has used them and within moments the spokesperson saying that they don't know whether he has them and doubt that he does. even as the president says he is a signing that question to our intelligence
reported such weapons were found in an armory belonging to opposition forces. u.s. president barack obama discussed the situation with david cameron on saturday. they expressed grave concern over the use of chemical weapons. they also agreed to consult closely about potential responses by the international community. obama convened a meeting of the national security council. he received a detailed review of the options the international community can take in reaction to the alleged use of chemical weapons. u.s. media report that the u.s. reinforced guided missile destroyers off the coast of syria. observers say obama remains cautious about military intervention without any concrete evidence. >>> the post communist party official has denied allegations by a prosecution witness on the fourth day of his trial. the court held a hearing on the chart that bo blocked an investigation into a murder case. in august 2012, bo's wife was convicted of killing a british businessman. bo's former subordinate, former police chief, appeared as a witness for the prosecution. a series of scandals involving b
in iraq a long period of time and unlike the situation how president obama handled it in iraq -- i mean in libya. >> congressman, you've been back and forth from d.c. as we look at the 50th anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech and switch gears to that right now. the president is going to be having a meet at the white house with some of the faith leaders. you're going to head back down later this week for the actual date of the anniversary. i want to play this little bit. here is what john lewis said. >> can the past 50 years, we have witnessed what i like to call a nonviolent revolution in america. a revolution of values, the revolution of ideas. and our country is a better country. we have a lot of work to do. the dream is not yet fulfilled. >> that 16-minute speech laid out a dream. how do you think dr. king would discuss the dream today? >> that we have made a lot of progress. no question about that. that we have come a long way. you look at fact only five measures of the congressional black caucus and 23 now. we cannot sit back and rest. we have to move forward with economics.
hours. that is if an it's a big "if" the president orders military action. today, the obama administration laid out its case for retaliation because it says the syrian government did, in fact, use chemical weapons against its own people. >> anyone who could claiming that an attack of this staggering scale could be contrived or fabricated, needs to check their conscience and their own moral compass. what's before us today is real and it is compelling. president obama believes that there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. >> so what's the reaction from syria? cnn's fred had rare, inside access to damascus and cnn is the only western television network in damascus now. fred, tell us what's the reaction from the ground there? >> reporter: hi, jessica. the syrian government hadn't put out statements after kerry's speech but they are reacting and you can certainly see they're at least hearing the message. what's going on is the foreign minister of the country has called for awe press conferenc
? >>barack obama accepts his party's nomination on the anniversary of the march on washington. -- on the anniversary of the march on washington. >>> welcome back to a second look. this week marks the 50th anniversary of martin luther king's dream speech. it was only a weeks after that speech that a bomb would go off in birmingham alabama and kill four girls. it would take decades for the trials to end. >> reporter: birmingham 16th street baptist church had been bombed. three girls, two 14, one 11 were killed as the church prepared for service. reverend abraham lincoln woods remembers the anger he felt as he looked at the rubble of the church. >> if these terrorists, if these fanatics wanted to kill somebody, why didn't they single out those of us who were actively involved in the civil rights struggle? >> probably no admonition of jesus has been more difficult to follow than the command to love your enemy. >> reporter: it was perhaps the most dastardly act. it came when george wallis was railing against segregation. >> i say segregation, now, segregation tomorrow, and segregat
barack obama was born to go on freedom rides, black people and white people couldn't be seated on a bus or a train together to travel through the south. >> former secretary of state colin powell commented on the trayvon martin verdict on "face the nation." >> i think that it will be seen as a questionable judgment on the part of the judicial system down there, but i don't know if it will have staying power. these cases come along and blaze across the midnight sky and then after a period of time they're forgotten. >>> texas senator ted cruz admitted republicans do not have the votes to defund obama care, but says he is, quote, not convinced that president obama wouldn't defund his own health care law if congress gave him the opportunity to do so. >>> at the end of the video music awards last night, president barack obama showed his support for katy perry's finale and her song "roar" by tweeting to her after she tweeted about obama care. he said thanks for spreading the word, #roar. >> michelle and her daughters went to broadway to see the play "trip to bountdful." >>> organizers might be
take a look at it. and i will certainly not hesitate to call president obama if i think we need more than we have. >> it's unreal. >> reporter: from the air you can get a sense of how big the fire has grown. this is new video from a national guard plane. the fire has grown to 150,000 acres of forestland. more than 4,000 homes and other buildings are in danger still and firefighters are also working to save two giant sequoia growths. >> those trees were up to 2,000 years old. we have the crews trying to save them. we'll backburn through them. put in sprinkler systems. >> reporter: the rim fire moved in to yosemite park over the weekend. although firefighters don't believe the fire will reach the valley itself. the bigger concern is controlling the southern and when edges of the fire to stop it -- western edges of the fire to stop it from spreading to other communities. >> there's a lot of folks that live up here. we're putting a lot of effort to keep the fire as far away as we can. >> reporter: meanwhile san francisco's ter supply is in jeopardy. flames are still moving toward hetch h
obama there must be accountability for those who would use the world most heinous weapons against the world's most honorable people. >> the high-profile trial draws to a close in china. now he also awaits the verdict. animals have long world rushes arctic oceans. oil and gas are moving and. tonight we look at the potential impact. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. a moral obscenity is what the u.s. secretary of state is accusing the assad regime of perpetrating against its own. today he ramped up the pressure by saying the syrian government was behind the use of chemical weapons last week and has now destroyed the evidence. this comes as inspectors trying to get to the scene of the alleged attack were fired on today. , watched byamascus the world, inspector set up this morning to visit one of the site of last week's alleged nerve gas attack. the car was replace. the survivors led to hundreds to death. they also examined what appears to be missions. it's been five days since the attack. the international manti is pressing to know who carri
obama to defend his red line on chemical weapons which rebels claim killed more than a thousands people in syria. >> we cannot sit still. >> reporter: syrian forces shelled so much it corrupted any evidence the u.n. might find this week. a u.s. official tells cnn behind the scenes multiple international sources have collected evidence from that site. the official says the sources took tissue samples and other evidence shortly after the attack. it was being analyzed in secure locations. that's why the white house tone changed so quickly from friday's get the inspectors in to sunday's it's too late to be credible. it's why an administration official sounded so confident in saying there's little doubt at this point that a chemical weapon was used by the syrian regime against civilians. the president's newly updated options include cruise missiles launched from one of four navy destroyers or jets firing from outside syrian air space. >> we're prepared to exercise whatever option, if he decides to employ one of those options. >> chris lawrence joins us from the pentagon. tell us some of the
. >> president obama and secretary of state kerry are urgently reaching out to partners in europe and the arab world rallying a coalition for a military response. >> i do think the administration feels like that there's no question chemicals were used. i think they're rallying support around our nato aallies and hopefully come to congress for an authorization when we get back. >> we cannot in the 21st century allow the idea that chemical weapons can be used with impunity, that people can be killed in this way and that there are no consequences for it. and so we believe it's very important that there is a strong response. >> and the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. . >> free at last, free at last, thank god almighty we are free at last. >> over the weekend thousands walked in the footsteps of those civil rights pioneers. heros from 50 years ago and all this week, we'll be bringing you special coverage right here looking back at the key moments of that week in august 1963 that fortified a movement and changed the course of history. today, the women who shaped civil rights with merril
is will the united states act? top republican congressman mike mccall says president obama has four options as we go forward. >> i don't think the american people have an appetite or troops on the ground. i know the military is laying out options for the president. there are four warships off the coast of syria. missiles are an option to try to make out these chemical stockpiles. i think that's an option the president should be looking at. my chief concern is that we have allowed this to fester. we have had a wait and see policy and hoping for the best. martha: congressman mike mccall will join us in america's news room coming up in a couple minutes. bill has a map of the area from the air. bill: syria is here. and damascus there. over the weekend you had four navy warships move into the area, situated off the western coast of syria in the eastern mediterranean. they could take action if necessary. you have two naval aircraft carriers, much bigger vessels. one off the coast of yemen and one off the mouth of the persian gulf. if they were to make a move and come to the suez canal it would tack severa
the obama administration is questioning whether any evidence the inspectors find will tell the real story. the suspected attacks took place outside of damascus. the area has seen heavy shelling since the alleged chemical attack. and that poses a difficulty for inspectors. the white house doesn't seem to have a lot of faith in syria's promise to cooperate. here is al jazeera's white house correspondent mike viqueira. >> reporter: the administration said there is little doubt. the red line has been crossed, the question now will there be a military price to pay for the assad regime. now the white house says it's too late. any belated decision by the r regime would now be considered too late to be credible. the navy has firepower to the region. chuck hagel traveling in malaysia said that th they are ready. >> the administration has asked to be prepared for options of all contingencies. we have done that, and again we're prepared to exercise whatever option if he decides to employ one of those options. >> reporter: since the chemical attacks and the horrific images of death and suffering seen
and a moral obscenity. on august 20, 2012, president obama said that the use of a, quote, whole bunch of chemical weapons in syria would be a red line. now almost exactly a year later tens of thousands of lives have been lost. secretary kerry now says the president is talking with members of congress and key allies to make an informed decision on a response. meanwhile, half of americans can't even find the country on a map. that is not an exaggeration. recent polls show overwhelmingly that americans simply do not want to get involved in syria. it should be noted also that secretary kerry's tough language came before inspectors from the united nations could return any findings from syria. those inspectors ran into some danger of their own while examining one of alleged sites of this chemical attacks. fred? >> reporter: it was a pretty tough day for the u.n. weapons inspectors but they said also quite a productive day. their car came under fire right after they left from the hotel they were staying at. they said all of this happened in the buffer zone between the area controlled by the
move president obama and other western powers will act on. but growing indications they will act because some vital shipping sports, for at least much of europe, is at stake. which means stable oil prices here could be at stake. phil is tracking this closely. we should first posit we're talking about crude which is shipped through the suez candle -- canal. >> the fallout could be swift. we have seen prices of crude and oil price goes up in anticipation of problems in the middle east, since the fourth of july, since the situation in libya and egypt and then seara. we have put in a huge premium on the prices, and because of the area, in every major oil producer in the world has a major stake in this, either one side or the other, and are not on the same side. it could be the biggest energy crisis we have seen in years if we get into a war in syria. >> neil: for the time being in europe's interest, even more than our own, for the time being to do something about this. they're feeling the spike now. right? >> they are feeling the spike in europe. this is a great story. if this had ha
the united nations investigation is not complete. this is the unilateral conclusion of the obama administration, presented dramatically today by a man not usually given to public shows of emotion, u.s. secretary of state john kerry stating it is america's conclusion that syria used chemical weapons. >> and despite the excuses and equalify indications that some have manufactured, it is undeniable. president obama believes there must be accountable for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. nothing today is more serious and nothing is receiving more serious scrutiny. >> the pentagon tells nbc news, larry, that tonight five u.s. warships with cruise missile firing capability, four destroyers, one submarine are stationed in the mediterranean sea. the u.n. inspectors did get in the sites, but they get in so late, experts say, they may not be able to get the kind of residue tests needed to verify the use of chemical weapons, so the obama administration's move past that. it says it's happened. now comes the reaction. larry, back
security. >> schools in chicago cope with budget cuts. >> the obama administration now says there is compelling evidence that syria has used chemical weapons against its own people. secretary of state john kerry calls last week's attack i in te damascus suburb as a moral obscenity. >> ii can't get the image of the man holding up his dead child with chaos swirling around him. >> what appears to be the game changer are those images that kerry referred to that so repulsed and moved on international television. the use of those chemical weapons outlawed years ago is a moral obscenity, and said the president will hold the assad regime accountable. what that means starting to look more and more like some sort of military response. a question of when and not if the u.s. will respond militarily. that opposite has really gained steam over the last 48 hours, tony. just this friday, last friday night i was standing here on the north lawn reading a tweet from susan rice, national security adviser, insisting the assad regime allow the u.n. inspectors in immediately. but then the obama ad
barack obama was born, to go on the freedom ride, black people and white people couldn't be seated on a bus or a train together to travel through the south. so can our children grow up and their children grow up, they will not see those signs. the only place that they would see those signs would be in a book, in a museum, or on a video. >> do you see some of the same trappings of resentment and fear in our modern-day politics? is that what you're warning of when you see some of those forces coming back? >> well, i think there is some forces want to create this sense of fear. they think the country is moving too fast or maybe becoming too progressive. the country is not the same country. people coming together. and in a short time, the minority will be the majority. >> is there backlash that comes with that in your judgment? >> well, i think, as americans, we must be prepared to make the adjustment and not be afraid. be courageous. be embracive. embrace a change. >> as you look at dr. king's message 50 years ago and we remember that it was a march on washington for jobs and freedom,
and suspects. one woman was hit by a stray bullet. >>> well, sources from within the obama administration says the u.s. is preparing for possible military action against syria. that is after a suspected chemical weapon attack killed hundreds of civilians including women and children. the united nations will investigate if poisonous gases were used and a warning some of the images may be difficult to watch. >> reporter: white house officials say there is little doubt syrian forces used chemical weapon to attack civilians in the suburbs. the alleged attack last wednesday killed more than 3people including women and children. after days of pressure and meetings with the united representatives, sunday, the syrian government agreed to let u.n. inspectors examine the site of the attack. the admin administer says they never used chemical weapon. >> reporter: the u.n. team will begin a fact-finding team on monday. but the united states is concerned that it is too late. u.s. officials argue days of heavy bombing around the area likely destroyed evidence of a chemical attack. the defense secretary sa
that they have destroyed evidence. president obama is considering a u.s. response. >> he has prepared options for all contingencies. >> reporter: law makers are cautious about military objection. >> the chief objective is to secure chemical weapons. >> i would do cruise missile strikes. >> reporter: russia says the u.s. should not take action until the un releases findings. >>> tens of thousands of people turned out to mark the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and martin luther king. even in a progressive city like san francisco, we have a long way to go. here are the numbers showing inequality. >> reporter: equality for all, san francisco has one trend. only 6% of san francisco residents are african americans but they are half of the population in jail. former administrator spoke. >> we have to dig deeper to find answers for why we have this disparity in a city that is focused on creating equality. >> reporter: collin powell. >> all the progress has been made, but the deem is not achieved yet. >> reporter: this weekend thousands of people marched in washington d.c.. >> we march be
.com/bridge. >>> sources in the barack obama administration say the u.s. is prepairing for possible u.s. military action against syria. that is after suspected chemical weapon a tack killed hundreds of civilians including women and children. the united nations will investigate if poisonous gases were used. a warning it will be difficult to watch. >> reporter: they are saying there is little doubt they used chemical forces. the attack last wednesday killed more than 300 people including wednesday and children. after days of pressure and meetings with united nation's representatives, syrian's government agreed to let u.n. experts inspect the site of the attack. the information administrator says they never used chemical weapon. the united nation's team will begin a fact finding mission to determine if gases were used but the united states is concern today is too late. u.s. officials argue days of heavy bombing around the area likely destroyed evidence of a chemical attack. the defense secretary says that president barack obama is considering a u.s. riresponsibility. >> president barack obama has asked th
are an insult to common sense. it is nonsense. the obama administration said it wants proof chemical weapons used and proof who used them. >> you can destroy the runways, you can destroy assad's munitions and fuel. there are lots and lots of things we can do. we can even destroy the syrian air force. >> there ca can't be an unilatel america support. you have to have shared responsibility. >> whatever you do militarily has some political purpose and moves us towards a resolution of the situation. so there is no point in firing a weapon, dropping a bomb to drop a bomb. >> reporter: the syrian government and the rebels have promised a cease-fire in the area of the alleged attack to u.n. inspectors can gather evidence. activists are blaming pro niner gunmen for the attack on the u.n. vehicle: the u.n. team has now managed to get in the area. this area filmed by an activist shows them gathering evidence and speaking to witnesses, whatever they find the calls for intervention from western governments and their allies is getting louder. al jazeera. >> secretary of state john kerry is said to addre
alert. we are just getting word that american war ships are on the move as the obama administration comes under increasing pressure for military intervention for syria i am shannon in for megyn kelliy. secretary of state kelly will be making a statement at 2 o'clock p.m. eastern and the white house briefing will be pushed back to cover the news on syria united nation's inspectors were shot at going to the site of the last week's chemical attack. the inspectors were trying to do the work walking through the town and speaking with survivors and taking samples from victims. there are many. these photos tell the story. the bodies of dozens of innocent children laid out and covered with she'ds. hundreds of people are believed to have died in the attack. men, women and children, an estimated 100,000 people have died since the start of the conflict. the obama administration has possessioned four destroyers off of the coast of syria. we are told that the ships are close enough to launch a missile strike. the pentagon is in watch and wait mode, making on the president to make a final determi
beirut with the latest from syria. thank you very much. >>> the obama administration said it has very little doubt that chemical weapons are being used in syria, and that could push the u.s. and its allies to military action. general clark spoke to the potential intervention in syria. >> i think the most important thing is to make sure that whatever yo you do militarily hs some purpose to it and moves to the resolution of the situation. there is no pope to firing a weapon or to drop a bomb just to drop a bomb. you have to work around a regional coalition. i think n.a.t.o. and the arab leagues to join together. i think if the u.n. security council cannot act because of block by russia and china, then these regional organizations need to work to end the conflict. >> drums are beating louder in the nation and around the world, what is next? >> reporter: the expectation is that there will be military action. that is a dramatic change within 48 hours. let's take you back to friday night. as the pictures of death and suffering continue to stream in, and what the white house says there is li
.s. army staff sergeant ty carter. he got the medal of honor from president obama about a half our ago. he grew up in antioch and fought in a battle in october of 2009 when taliban fighters attacked an army outpost. during the six-hour gun battle carter killed some fighters, provided comrades are ammo and gave first aid to an injured soldier. >>> students at the sandy hook elementary school will head back to school tomorrow for the first time since a gunman opened fire there. police say 20-year-old adam lanza shot 26 people inside sandy hook including 20 young students. the school has been closed since the december killings. there is a plan to tear down the school and build a new one on the property. but the proposal still must be approved by town residents. >>> some developing news. the united states may be on the brink of getting involved in another conflict in the middle east. the obama administration says there's little doubt syrian president bashar assad used chemical weapons against his own people. as cbs reporter tara mergener tells us, president obama is now weighing the options, w
to the laws and what is the best way forward. jo welcome back to inside story. president obama vowed his administration would do everything in its power to have fair voting laws. in a debate that can be deputy is well under way. i want to give you a chance to jump in here. how will you measure success? >> i agree with president obama we need to have fair and free elections. the justice department and lawyers freed should know fanning out across the country to incidences and filing lawsuits. each state has to figure out how they want to conduct their voting. new york does not allow any same day rentalistration and absentee ballots should be tightened. >> for me success the invitation the supreme court gave to congress to update so areas with recent voting violations are precluded. so it's more effective, efficient and less costly. we need some kind of tranc transparancy. it deters a lot of bad activity. >> the supreme court did not strike down section 5. congress can come up with a new formula. success be measured by the expansion of our democracy. the real problem is people don't vote. i
obama reviewed a range of options and possible targets with his national security team. the u.s. has four destroyers near in the mediterranean sea. members of congress are calling the situation to kosovo calling for surgical strikes using cruise missiles. >> i think we have to respond and i think we have to respond in conjunction with our nato allies, we have to respond much as i think was done in libya with the nato allies. i think we cannot afford to sit back and wait. >> syria ratcheting up the rhetoric. that man president assad says this morning, quote, failure awaits the united states if it attacks. he compared the conflict or possible conflict with syria to vietnam. >>> a new reuters poll is showing tepid support for action here at home. if president as said did indeed use chemical weapons, only 25% of americans would want the u.s. to intercede. ha is actually down five points from two weeks ago before that incident happened. >>> a tragic story out of mexico to share with you. a cargo train carrying u.s.-bound migrant workers derailed in a remote area of southeastern mexico. at
states and its partners. during his recent comments on the nsa controversy president obama insisting the agency has a singular focus. >> i don't have an interest in the people of the nsa don't have an interest, in doing anything other than making sure that where we can prevent a terrorist attack, where we can get information, ahead of time. >> reporter: this morning the nsa fox's request for comment to the state department, arthel. arthel: catherine what about edward snowden, is he now going, see i told you so, i told you so? i don't know. >> reporter: that's right. a russian newspaper is reporting this importanting that the former nsa leaker edward snowden got stuck in moscow after the u.s. put pressure on cuba not to accept his asylum request. snowden's plans you remember to travel to cuba were so far advanced he had his seat booked on a flight to havana on june 23rd. remember this photo of snowden's empty seat snapped by journalists who bought the tickets to cuba believing snowden would be on board? the nsa leaker was stuck in moscow's international airport for six weeks until he
government holds all the cards. that brings us back to president obama and will take the lead if anything happens, when it happens. unlike other recent u.s. presidents, he will know he has a lo lot of backing on his side, britain, france, turkey. >> and russia is not on board. i want to play a sound bite from the russian foreign minister who said military intervention against the assad regime, using his word, would be extremely dangerous. >> we had this moment before in iraq and libya and not a case of military inter fearence or intervention resulted in things improving and life standards improving or stabilization in case. the recentlyion is destabilized in an unprecedented way. >> so, john, he is, of course referring to the build up to the war in iraq saying here we go again. your reaction? the russians have a complicated relationship with syria. they have a lot of business deals on the table and that's why when it comes to the security council they block anything the other france, britain and the united states want to do because russia always sides with them. it's worth bearing in mind
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